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Maverick Nail & Staple, Ltd.

75 years in-depth aggregate experience in the tool and fastener industry…

  • 25 years work - overseas – Overseas Plants established; Quality Process engineering / raw material selection with licencee affilates.
  • A deep respect - from the front office to the factory floor of our sources - earned through years of living on-site, coaching manufacturing line improvements, documentation, sourcing, material selection, package and label design
  • 20 years work - global sourcing / product engineering of fasteners, tools, accessories, and related category products in the world of pneumatic and cordless fastening
  • Co-authoring win-win business development strategies – inside overseas facilities
  • 15 years experience - as a manufacturer’s rep
  • Over 15 years experience in marketing and sales

Worldwide Sourcing!

Manufacturers who have been screened to discriminating standards! Your ultimate customer is our primary concern.

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