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75 years in-depth experience in the tool and fastener industry…

  • 25 years work - overseas – Quality Process engineering / raw material selection
  • A deep respect - from the front office to the factory floor of our sources - earned through years of living on-site, coaching manufacturing line improvements, documentation, sourcing
  • 20 years work - global sourcing / product engineering of fasteners, tools, accessories, and related category products
  • Co-authoring win-win business development strategies – inside foreign facilities
  • 15 years experience - as a manufacturer’s rep

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Roger Brofft was the New Business Development Manager for SENCO having spent 18 years in various management roles.  He has a Engineering as well as Marketing background. He has leadership experience in product development, product engineering, manufacturing engineering, business growth, product marketing - for companies ranging from start-up to Fortune 500.

Tom Long has a career background in marketing, product development, and business strategy. At Senco, Tom participated in national product roll-outs, new product development, and created a direct container import program for large distributor partners. Tom managed the Strategic Business Development project, a corporate cross functional team which developed future company goals and processes

 Troy Davis is the former Director of Global Sourcing for Senco as well as the former Director of US Manufacturing  for them as well. He set up ‘Senco Korea’ in 1989. While stationed in the Pacific Rim he set up Senco’s worldwide fastener supplier network including the quality processes suppliers had to follow in order to supply Senco in several countries including China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Korea. Additionally, Troy was on site for Senco ‘s Eastern European Operations including Russia, Ukraine, and others and supported or set up their Chinese Sales/Mfg. Operations.

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