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satisfied customers what customers are saying

 "You made it happen! The Maverick Customer Logistics concept of a seamless flow of product – from manufacture, to shipping, to my warehouse, and to my customer – is a very good idea. In over 30 years in this business, no company has ever approached me with this solution."
 "Thank you for helping us better manage cash flow. Via Maverick, we no longer get hooked into DEALS. We buy via forecasted needs, and a purchase program approach."
 "It’s great working with guys who have ‘lived’ in this business. And have actually lived in these foreign plants. That’s a ‘comfort factor’ to me that others do not offer."
 "You understand my requirements: quality product – quality packaging & shipment  – on-time performance – logistics info updated to me regularly – stand behind/fix any problems."
 "Because of Maverick, I can now spend more time selling my customer."

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